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Previous Topics at the Cambridge Ophthalmological Symposium

Each year’s proceedings are available in Eye, just search the relevant topic or contact who will look through our archive for a specific article.

The next proceedings will be published in the February edition following the September meeting.

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1971 Glaucoma Prof Hans Goldmann
1972 Corneal Graft Failure Prof B R Jones
1973 Strabismus Mr T Keith Lyle
1974 Connective Tissue Disease of the Eye Prof A E Maumenee
1975 The Vitreous Prof M J Hogan
1976 The Optic Nerve Prof W F Hoyt
1977 Pigmented Tumours Prof F C Blodi
1978 Destructive Diseases of the Cornea Prof Doug Coster
1979 Amblyopia Prof Gunter K von Noorden
1980 The Ocular Vasculature Prof Norman Ashton
1981 Uveitis Prof Arthur Silverstein
1982 The Lens Prof E Cotlier
1983 The Outer Retina Prof J Dowling
1984 The Dry Eye Mr Peter Wright
1985 The Ciliary Body Prof Anders Bill
1986 The Ageing Eye Prof John Marshall
1987 The Eyelids Prof G M Bleeker
1988 The Limbus Prof Doug Coster
1989 The Choroidal Circulation and Retinal Metabolism Prof W S Foulds
1990 The Ischaemic Eye Prof S J Ryan
1991 The Neonatal Eye Prof T J Flynn
1992 Diabetes Dr A C MacCuish
1993 Repair, Regeneration and Development Prof C C Wylie
1994 Transplantation Prof J R Batchelor
1995 Binocularity Prof G Kommerell
1996 The Uvea Prof Ronald Smith & Prof Robert Nussenblatt
1997 The Photoreceptor Prof John Marshall
1998 The Lens Prof Anthony Bron & Prof Leo Chylack
1999 Glaucoma Prof Roger Hitchings & Prof Ian Grierson
2000 The Ageing Macula Prof Alan Bird
2001 Retinal Detachment Prof Steve Ryan
2002 The Cornea Prof Anthony Bron
2003 The Optic Nerve Prof Nancy Newman
2004 The Management of Blinding Disease Prof Allen Foster
2005 The Orbit Mr Geoffrey Rose
2006 Childhood Visual Impairment Prof Tony Moore
2007 The Vitreous Mr Martin Snead
2008 Transplantation Prof Doug Coster
2009 The Chorioretinal Vasculature Prof Neil Bressler
2010 Imaging the Visual System Prof Robert Weinreb
2011 Infection Prof John Dart
2012 Cancer and the Eye Prof Bertil Damato
2013 Refractive Error Prof Brien Holden
2014 Ocular Motility Mr Michael Clarke and Mr Anthony Vivian
2015 Light Prof John Marshall
2016 The Retinal Ganglion Cell Prof Jonathan Crowston & Prof Keith Martin
2017 “Go with the flow” rheology, fluid flow and the eye Prof Einar Stefa┬ínsson
2018 “The Thyroid and the Eye Prof Marian Ludgate & Tim Sullivan